We’ll be picking a product from time to time to highlight here on the blog. We have so many wonderful options from PCA and Le Mieux and we want to make sure you can be informed about them.

First up, we’re featuring a couple of SPF options from PCA.

People! You live in a place where currently the sun is shining its beautiful, harmful UV rays down on you almost 20 hours a day!  SPF is crucial.  You should really be wearing it year round, because UV rays don’t discriminate based on season, but if nothing else, use it all summer.

Our PCA SPF products are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.  On top of the UV absorption and filtration ingredients, the products contain powerful antioxidants.

We carry the following choices and would happy to assist you if there is a different PCA option you are looking for.

Active Broad Spectrum SPF 45 – the perfect choice for those with an active lifestyle.  Water resistant for 80 minutes.

Sheer Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 45 – also water resistant for 80 minutes plus the added benefit of a tint that will blend with most skin tones

Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45 – the best option for people with break-out prone/oily skin, or those with an aversion to the typical feel of SPF products

There is an option for everyone so no excuses! Protect your skin 🙂


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*As I’m wandering around the shop trying to find the ideal place to take pictures…

Kelsie:  “Are you taking selfies?!”

Erin: “Uhh..yes.  But they’re work related I swear!”

Please enjoy these fabulous photos I took of myself 😛

Alright, it doesn’t have to be a pen, any stick-like object will do! For those of you new to contouring or shaping your eyebrows, check out these super easy strategies to make sure you don’t end up looking like this:


How to contour can/should be an entire post by itself, but here is one super helpful pointer to start out with.

Using your stick, find the angle of your cheekbone.  You want your tool to be pressed up right under the bottom of the bone; you’ll be able to feel where there is a dip.  Mine happens to line up with the corner of my mouth, but this is not true for everyone!  That line/angle is where you want to apply your contour shade.


Our Amazing Alexis would be happy to shape your eyebrows into perfection and then you can use these tips to keep them in line or as a guide when filling them in.

The inside edge of your brow should line up with the side of your nose.  Too far in, you’ll be approaching unibrow territory.  Too far apart you’ll just be looking wonky.

The arch.  Ahhh the arch. Once upon a time, it was super cool to tweeze your brows within an inch (or a millimeter) of their lives, or to shape them to resemble tadpoles.  Please no.  As a society, surely we’ve evolved to better appreciate the gloriousness of a great set of eyebrows.  Even women who are rocking beautifully thick brows aren’t letting them sit on their foreheads like caterpillars!

To find your perfect arch placement, you want to line your pen up with the bottom edge of your nose and the bottom/outside of your iris.  With regular wax maintenance, your arch should never be hidden from you again, but if you’re a die hard DIYer, this tip should help.

Last but not least, keeping it pressed to the edge of your nose, shift your pen slightly to the bottom/outside corner of your eye itself and you’ll find the ideal spot your brows should end. Your brows should start to taper from the arch down.

Voila! If this sounds like a daunting task, don’t you worry your pretty little head.  We have people for that 😉

Call to book an appointment or use our handy online scheduler.


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It’s true! It’s absolutely a possibility to add certain foods to your diet that are proven to assist with falling asleep and having better quality sleep.  I know I’m not the only person who looks at the clock when it’s broad daylight out and is shocked when I see it’s 11:30pm!  That feeling of shock is quickly followed by “But I’m not tired yet!!!” Perhaps if you and I start incorporating these foods into our lifestyle we can get our lives together.

Tart Cherries:

Cherries, particularly the tart variety, naturally provide the hormone melatonin.  So many people purchase melatonin supplements to help them fall asleep and stay asleep – just eat some cherries instead!


I know, not the MOST delicious thing on the planet, but it has some great benefits!  Studies show that being calcium deficient can manifest itself in a difficulty falling asleep.  Kale is packed with calcium! Calcium, fun fact, is an important little helper to tryptophan, also important for sleep!

My favorite way to eat kale is by making kale chips.  SO easy! Toss your kale leaves in a little olive oil, throw in some sea salt, flop the leaves onto a baking sheet and stick those bad boys in the oven!  Use 350 degree heat for 10-15 minutes.  You can flip them over 1/2 way through (not gonna lie, I don’t always commit to that step) Keep an eye on them after 10 minutes though, you want them to be crispy, but not burnt!


Remember our friend tryptophan? Yogurt’s got it! Not all yogurts are created equal though, so choose wisely.  Flavored yogurts can contain a lot of sugar, which may affect your blood sugar and have the opposite desired effect.  On the other end of the spectrum, yogurts high in protein, such as plain Greek yogurt, can stimulate your body, which is also opposite of what we’re shooting for.  Stick to 1 recommended serving.  The benefits of tryptophan can be expedited if you pair your protein with a complex carbohydrate such as granola, flax seed, or a piece of whole wheat toast.

Bonus benefit to yogurt, which helps at all times, not just when you’re trying to fall asleep, is the prevalence of probiotics.  Super helpful to the health of your digestive system and could maybe prevent you from waking in the middle of the night due to gastrointestinal distress!

Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Surely I’m not the only person who sings that absolute hit song in my head every time I have to spell bananas… Moving on.  Bananas, on top of being another great source of tryptophan, are packed with magnesium and potassium.  These magical components help your muscles to relaaaaxx.  Do you ever get that restless feeling like no matter how you lay or what you do, you just feel like you absolutely have to move?  Every time that happens to me, I automatically think I need to go eat a banana. Now if only I could remember to buy bananas more often so I have them at all times…

Walnuts & Almonds:

Tryptophan – check!

Melatonin – check!

You know the drill by now.  Awesome components to promote awesome sleep!

Now get to the grocery store and then go to bed!

Happy sleeping!


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I want you to brush your skin! Really! I promise it’s for good reason.

Dry brushing, as odd as it may seem, actually has some cool benefits.  There are even skin brushes in stores you visit around the Valley – you’ve probably walked by them 100 times! (or maybe 1,000 if you’re addicted to a certain store with a lot of red accents like I am…)

Check out some of the benefits and a little how-to!


This is probably the most commonly thought of reason.  We ALL have dry, dead skin on our bodies just waiting to slough off.  You may use a loofah or an exfoliant in the shower thinking that’s the best route – and it absolutely helps!  But you probably don’t exfoliate in the shower daily and dry brushing has so many other perks, and it can be done daily, that if you get into the habit of it, you might just end up with the softest skin of your life!

Your poor pores won’t feel so poor anymore: (try saying that 5 times fast!)

A natural result of keeping so much dull dead skin off your body is cleaning up and out some of the dirt, gunk, and oil from your pores.  Happier pores, happier skin!  There are smaller, specialized brushes that can even be used on your face (more gently and less frequently).

Lymphatic System Stimulation:

All of the aesthetic reasons aside, dry brushing can be an amazing way to support your lymphatic system.

Brief rundown on the lymphatic system (which you should actually research more if you’d like – it’s quite interesting!):

  • super important.
  • part of the circulatory & immune systems
  • transports lymph fluid through the body to the heart
  • helps rid your body of unwanted substances; toxins, waste

Many of the vessels transporting lymph are close to the surface of your skin.  If you are able to stimulate those vessels, you can help keep the system running like a well oiled machine! Or well lymphed machine… Either way, a healthy lymphatic system, I repeat, is super important!

Our Favorite Friend, Cellulite:

Ok, maybe not our favorite, but having cellulite is a reality for almost all women! Seriously! It’s not just you! Those models you see in magazines? Probably have cellulite.  That person you know, who’s at the gym all the time and is in great shape? Probably has cellulite.  While the appearance of cellulite can absolutely vary depending on individual bodies, it’s very existence is quite familiar to all sizes and shapes of women.

The connection between cellulite and dry brushing is anecdotal, but there are enough women out there saying that it has smoothed their skin and helped the appearance of their cellulite, that it just might work!

Alright, alright, I’ll start dry brushing…what do I get?

You want to find a brush with natural, not synthetic, bristles.  One that is fairly stiff will do for your body, but be sure to opt for a smaller, softer one if you plan on brushing your face also.  Some brushes come with long handles, which makes it so you don’t have to holler “Come get my back!!!” at your significant other every morning. But if you’re a strong, independent woman who can reach her own dang back, then you go girl! Buy that handle-less brush!

I have purchased this brush of which you speak.  What now?

First of all, congratulations on your very wise purchase. You won’t regret it.  Now, many people find dry brushing to be energizing – you’re waking up your circulation after all, so ideally, you will brush in the morning before you shower.  If you shower at night though, go ahead and do it then!

Since you are activating your miraculous circulation system, you should work your way in toward your heart.  Start at your feet, up your legs and torso and then at your hands, in to your shoulders and neck, then down your chest. You can use long strokes on your appendages and circular strokes over your torso.  You should brush firmly enough that your skin is slightly pink afterward, but it should NOT HURT! If it ever hurts, you’re brushing too hard.

You should wash your brush every few uses to clean out the dead skin cells, and replace it once the bristles start to wear out.

Alright people, get to brushing!


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Getting a massage for the first time might feel a little intimidating. As with any new experience, it can be hard to know exactly what to expect. Let us put your mind at ease with a few helpful tidbits!


When you arrive at Revive for your first massage, we will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire about your overall health and your goals.  This information will help the massage therapist understand anything (injuries, physical limitations, etc.) that may affect your massage.  The two of you will have a short discussion about how you can best achieve your wellness goals.


The massage therapist will invite you back to the massage room and give a brief overview of how your massage will begin.  You won’t be left wondering “Which end does my head go on??” “Am I supposed to lay on my back or my stomach?” “Where do I put all my stuff?”  All of these things will be gone over before the therapist leaves the room.  At that point, you will have a few moments to remove your clothing to your comfort level.  You may choose to get completely undressed, or just take off your outer layers.  Our goal is for you to be completely comfortable, so if being nude is too much for you that’s fine, but rest assured the therapist is a trained professional and there is absolutely no need to feel self-conscious.  Once undressed, you will get under the sheets in whatever orientation you and the therapist discussed.  The therapist will knock after a few moments to make sure you are ready for them to enter the room.


You will be lying on a comfortable, padded massage table, with a face cradle that allows you to lie on your stomach without having to uncomfortably turn your neck.  You will have the option of having a heated blanket on during your session.  Typically, relaxing music is played, but please let the therapist know if you find it distracting.  The same goes for talking during your session.  Some people prefer to chat with their therapist, and others appreciate the silence.  Don’t be afraid to speak up! Or not… 😉 The therapist will use an oil or lotion during your massage.  It is extremely important to disclose any allergies or sensitivities on the intake form so adjustments can be made if needed.  The therapist will massage the full body and/or focus on any specific areas of concern you discussed when you arrived.  During the massage, the therapist will check on how you’re feeling about the pressure they’re using.  Please be sure to let them know if it’s too much or too little – unfortunately, they can’t read your mind and won’t know your comfort level unless you tell them!  This experience is supposed to be tailored to you and your individual needs, so feedback is important.  Once the massage is complete, the therapist will leave the room and invite you to slowly get up as you feel ready and redress.

All Done!

Either the therapist or our office staff will check you out upon completion of your appointment.  Tips are greatly appreciated to acknowledge outstanding service, but are not mandatory.  At this time you will also have the opportunity to schedule another appointment.  The benefits of massage therapy are cumulative, so feel free to discuss a treatment plan with your therapist that will help you achieve your wellness goals.

We might be slightly biased…but we think our therapist is amazing and will do an incredible job of making you feel welcome and comfortable throughout each and every appointment.  We’re looking forward to welcoming you into the Revive family! Please call or message with questions or to book an appointment!

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