I don’t think living in the land of the midnight sun is supposed to equal land of the midnight (or 1am, 2am, or 3am…) bedtime, but hey, it happens to the best of us. Too little sleep, along with a collection of other under eye enemies such as allergies, too much rubbing, or plain ole genetics,  can bring on dark circles reminiscent of a Walking Dead character.  Not exactly the look you were going for?  Me neither.  Luckily, there are some pretty simple tricks you can use to bring you back to the land of the living.


Remember in the last blog (because you’ve obviously already read it, right?) we talked about cucumbers being a magical fruit (yes, they’re a fruit, not a vegetable and if you don’t believe me Google would be happy to prove me right 😉 )?  TV isn’t lying to you! People really do put cucumber slices on their eyes to help with puffiness and darkness.  Cut yourself some slices, chill them in the fridge for about 1/2 an hour, then close your eyes on plop them on there.  Relax for 10 minutes and rinse your eye area with water!


If you’re eyes seem to be worse when you wake up in the morning, consider sleeping with an extra pillow, on your back, so fluid doesn’t have an opportunity to pool overnight.  Something else to consider, in case your issues are allergy related, is making sure your pillow and pillow case are always fresh and clean aka free of dust mites and allergens that could be attacking you in your sleep without you even realizing it!


From what I can gather from the kids these days, tea seems to have taken on a new definition, to mean gossip?  People keep talking about spilling the tea…I’m feeling very out of the loop. So disregard that; I’m talking about literal bags of tea that you would stick in a cup of hot water or something fancier, I’m sure, if you were with the Queen.  The caffeine in the tea is your friend!  Soak a couple tea bags in warm water for a few minutes to get the juices flowing, so to speak, then toss them in the fridge for a few to chill them out.  Once they’ve cooled off, stick one on each eye for 5 minutes or so and viola!


At the risk of sounding like a ridiculous character out of a JP Sears video, essential oils are amazing for SO MANY THINGS!! Maybe I’ll do another post on that later..but for the time being I’ll stick to some relevant to the issue at hand: lavender, chamomile, geranium, rose, rosemary, and fennel.  Mix a drop of your fave with a little coconut oil and gently rub under eyes.  I’m counting my lucky stars that I have lash extensions and can’t use this tip because I hate the smell of every single one of those! Flowers. Eww.

You guys there are a ton more things that you can do – both natural and with targeted skin care products.  If you get through this list and I’ve failed you miserably, there are more options out there!  Hopefully though, that will not be the case and you’ll be looking bright eyed and bushy tailed in no time!


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