Revive is the premier destination for facials peels in the Palmer and Wasilla area. As we age, our skin can begin to acquire fine lines, freckles, and increased pore sizes. Chemical peels provide a convenient option for improving your skin’s texture with little to no down time. Peels are effective for rejuvenating the skin further than a facial.
Chemical peels are a deeper form of skincare treatment that penetrates the superficial layers of skin allowing healthier skin to appear. Peels are effective at:

-Reducing Fine Lines-

-Decreasing Pigmentation Including Sun Spots and Freckles-

-Reduce Acne and Unclog Pores-

-Improve Overall Texture and Appearance-


Types of Facial Peels

PCA Sensi – 30 minutes – 95

PCA Ultra Peel – 30 minutes – 115

Le Mieux AML30 – 30 minutes – 65

Le Mieux M15/M30 – 30 minutes – 85

Le Mieux GSA25 – 30 minutes – 95

*15 minute consultation required before peels can be performed. If you have further questions about peels, please visit our Peels FAQ

Peels FAQ