Ahh acids… It’s been a while! We’re back with part 2 of the series, focusing on glycolic acid (GA for short).  Glycolic is one of the five alpha hydroxyacids (AHAs, we’ll get to the rest of them another day).  GA is naturally found in sugar cane, but I’m about 99.99% sure eating sugar doesn’t benefit you, unfortunately.

It plays well with hyaluronic acid (see Part 1 for more info on that bad boy).  GA enhances the moisture retention of hyaluronic acid, which also means it can send a memo to your skin to naturally raise its moisture levels.

GA can be beneficial to those dealing with acne, but it is most commonly used in anti-aging products due to its association with smoother, softer, younger looking skin.  It’s moisturizing and exfoliating abilities are capable of reducing the appearance of age spots, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

Its small molecule size, the smallest of the AHAs, lends itself to increased penetration into the skin.  GA does an excellent job of sloughing dead skin cells – it’s an active ingredient in Le Mieux’s Exfoliating Cleansing Gel, which we carry here!

Have a chat with Kelsie or Alexis to see if glycolic acid would be a good addition to your skincare routine 🙂


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