Please tell me someone gets my movie reference…

Moving on. Massage therapy is not all about rainbows and butterflies, no siree! You might be amazed to find out what it could do for pain. Millions (probably billions honestly) of people are living with chronic pain. This isn’t “Oooh I stubbed my toe and now it’s really hurty!” kind of pain, it’s “I swam into the side of a swimming pool hard enough to give me whiplash 7 years ago and I’ve hurt every day since then.” kind of pain. Not that I would know anything about that…what kind of idiot swims into the side of a swimming pool?? Must’ve been a real amateur… 😛

Chronic pain doesn’t necessarily come from accidents or injuries! Arthritis, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, carpel tunnel, cancer…any number of conditions can leave you feeling like you’re tied up like an achy, pretzely knot. Tension headaches – killer. Massage can help with them too!  There is research upon research that has dug into the effects of massage therapy on everything I’ve mentioned plus more.  You’d be hard pressed to find a pain causing ailment that massage can’t help.

Sure, there are prescription medications up the wazoo that very well may be medically necessary, or at least helpful, but isn’t it also nice to know that you have an option where perhaps the most concerning side-effects are obnoxiously snoring in the middle or feeling like a pool of melted butter at the end?

We are fortunate to have a massage therapist, Jennifer, who recognizes that massage is not a one-size fits all service.  She will happily tailor your massage to your needs and comfort level.  Also, the benefits of massage are cumulative – a healing miracle may not happen on your first appointment, but with continued therapy, you are likely to feel an incredible decrease in your daily discomfort. It’s at least worth a shot, isn’t it??