A few weeks ago we talked about some vitamins and their contribution to both the inside and the outside of our bodies.  Vitamin C is a biggie and we have two serums here that would be a perfect addition to your skin care routine.

PCA C&E Strength Max

This serum is usable by all skin types and people who are looking to correct visible signs of aging and/or discoloration.  From PCA: “This antioxidant formulation combines maximum strength pure vitamin C and pure vitamin E to strengthen skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Le Mieux Vita-C Serum

Ingredient quality is incredibly important when it comes to skin care.  Many vitamin C products contain an unstable form of the vitamin and have a short shelf life and lower efficacy.  Le Mieux says: “This concentrated serum is enriched with 2 of the most stable forms of vitamin C (MAP and AAP), vitamin E, and B vitamins to restore a healthy, youthful glow, balance uneven tone, and soften roughness.”

We carry PCA and Le Mieux here at Revive because we believe quality is so important.  These are brands with proven track records of amazing results.  Feel free to chat with us about which of these serums would be best for you!

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