Celluma LED therapy is one of the many add-ons that can be given at almost any of your appointments at Revive. This module has been used for years and is backed by scientific research. It has previously been used by NASA, doctor’s offices, and traditional healing centers, and now offers the benefits of fighting acne, aging, and other skin concerns. Celluma is unique because it can mold to the shape of your face, or area that it is being applied to. This therapy delivers powerful healing energy through tissues of the skin, and can even help with pain management of the joints.

How Does it Work?

Celluma light therapy gently rests against the area of concern, whether pain or skin related. The panel delivers Red, Blue or Infrared LED light with repetitive and tested patterns to stimulate cellular repair. This treatment can be applied while in the waiting room, during a massage, after a facial, after a way, or even during a massage. This effective and relaxing treatment helps you leave the spa feeling and looking rejuvenated.

Benefits for Esthetics + Skin

  • combats signs of aging
  • kills bacteria that causes breakouts
  • increases blood flow
  • reduces and prevents cell death
  • accelerates skin tissue repair
  • regenerates cells
  • reduces redness and inflammation

Benefits for Pain Management

  • free from harmful chemicals
  • zero risk for dependency
  • stimulates a natural healing response
  • increases circulation
  • accelerates tissue repair in joints
  • eases muscle pain
  • relieves joint stiffness

Your Celluma Treatment

Celluma treatments can benefit nearly anyone, however, your treatment recommendations may be different. For example, blue light therapy in particular targets fighting bacteria and reducing inflammation. After a quick consultation with an esthetician, they may recommend a few treatments, or an ongoing weekly treatment. After your appointment you can return tot normal activity and requires no down time. The treatment itself can be booked for 15 or 30 minutes. To learn more about this powerful and quick service add-on feel free to book an appointment, here, or call one of our locations!