First of all, I would like to start off by saying it has been WAY too long. We haven’t done a blog post since October 2018. I know I know I know…I’ve been slacking. Don’t you worry though, I won’t let this blog of ours slip through the cracks!

In case you didn’t know this, we have had A LOT of changes the past few months, some behind the scenes, some not! I wanted to take a minute to catch everyone up to speed on what has happened, what is happening & what is going to happen! (Kind of….we can’t tell you ALL of our secrets!)

Grab your popcorn & your sour patch kids and get ready for the ride!

Palmer ————–>Wasilla

This is the most obvious of the recent changes, but I wanted to explain a bit! Revive actually started in Wasilla. We moved to Palmer in 2017 when it was just me, Kelsie, trying to expand. I had never done anything like this before and a cute little 1,000 square foot house in Palmer popped up & it felt right!

Fast forward to 2019, and Revive transformed from a 1 person business to a 13 person family! (11 of us when these photos were taken.)

The moral of the story ? We needed WAY more space, thus the move BACK to Wasilla!

One Chapter Ends, A New One Begins!

Another big change that took place was my decision to no longer see clients. This was by the far the hardest decision I’ve had to make for Revive to date. Though I miss it from time to time, and I REALLY miss the conversations I had with my dear friends, it has been the best decision for Revive and myself. Let me tell you why…because it was a decision I made for myself & my team.

Anyone that knows me even a little bit,  knows I have a really hard time saying no and an even harder time putting myself before others. Though it was very hard, the decision to focus on what was best for me, has enabled me to see what is best for the team as a whole. This staff is incredible.  I need to brag on them for a quick minute. They are troopers and they deserve all the recognition you can possibly give.

I want to take a minute to encourage anyone out there who feels like they aren’t where they are suppose to be, but are afraid of letting people down. Here’s the deal..you can’t take care of other people if you aren’t taking care of yourself as well. You also can’t make everyone happy, and you will kill yourself trying!

I ALSO want to give a HUGE thank you for the continued support from all my personal clients, and the clients of Revive as a whole. You are all so incredible and I don’t know how we got so lucky!

Department Store Wanna-Be

Next topic on the agenda, our new retail section! Have you seen it? If you have, it’s probably different EVERY single time. So, here’s the deal with that. I personally am a GIGANTIC fan of products. By gigantic, I mean I hit the VIP Rouge status at Sephora in 2 months which is embarrassing & for some reason I decided to put that on the internet…but whatever, here we are.

Spoiler Alert: It will continue to keep growing. I have big big BIG plans for this part of Revive…that’s all you get though. How much did you think I would spoil? Muahaha. On a more serious note, we wanted to bring in brands that aren’t currently in Valley, because some of us don’t enjoy driving to Anchorage everyday!

Here are a few of our newest things:

Lapcos has by far been the most loved new product line we brought in. It’s a K-Beauty brand that offers possibly the world’s best sheet masks, skincare products & makeup! I also LOVE their packaging!

This one of our most popularly sold items. If you love sheet masks, you MUST try these. 

Welcome to our “Home” department! We are currently working on growing this area of Revive. This is a new area we have never really branched into and we are SO excited to do so!  Honestly…who doesn’t love adding home decor items? I’m pretty sure that’s the MAIN reason everyone loves Target!

Voyage is a luxury line that offers incredible candles, reed diffusers, perfumes, bubble baths and more! Be sure to check them out the next time you come in, you won’t regret it!

Psssst…the perfumes are my FAVORITE because they are affordable, luxury & come in a bottle with a pouf! No words.

First off, lets begin with a pronunciation lesson. These beautiful pieces of art are pronounced “Key.” Don’t worry, it’s a common mistake. We are SO excited to be a Quay retailer, because these babies are BEAUTIFUL!

Next Spoiler Alert ( We will discuss further shortly) – These are currently ONLY available in store, which means they cannot be purchased on our website. We had to save a little treat for our loyal in-store guests. Most of their new collections are in stock so come grab them before they are gone!

Organic skin, hair, body AND bath care? Don’t mind if we do! This company truly is a gem. If you find yourself browsing the internet looking for inspiration, you should check out their “about me” page. Each item they sell is crafted from an experience or an idea and it’s truly beautiful. I have grown to LOVE this brand and all that they produce.

This “Full Moon – Bath & Body Oil” is a perfect example of their beautiful products & the dedication that goes in to them. Just LOOK at it!!!

Department Store Wanna-Be…. 2.0?

I would first like to start this by saying…I hope when you are reading this, you are saying “Two point O” when you see “2.0” because it is very important for the overall aesthetic and humor of this blog post. Okay, back to the point…

YES! You can now shop MOST of your favorite goodies and then some, 24/7. I must say, I did not realize how much “stuff” we had, until I had to manually type it all in..one… by…one. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Here’s what you need to know..

  1. 10% off your first order! When you subscribe for those savings, your email will go into a bank of special people who will be the only winners of special online savings…so get on that! Who doesn’t like saving money?!?!
  2. FREE SHIPPING IN ALASKA – You would NOT be rich for every time you’ve heard that…because you never hear that…ever. Today is the day for change, and you heard correctly. Everyone in Alaska receives free shipping. However, if you are anything like me, we also offer same day pick-up, because instant gratification is a real life thing.
  3. We will be adding more things to it as we add more products, so keep an eye out for specials! Some of these specials you will ONLY know about if you are a subscriber!

New, Shiny Things

To summarize this very long, very informative blog post, we would like to say THANK YOU for all your love, support and kind words. This new location would not be possible if it weren’t for you. There will be some MORE changes coming and we are VERY excited about them. What are they you ask?

  1. New Retail Lines (Cosmetics, Skincare, Home & More)
  2. More Decor — I mean, we love the white walls, but did you think we were leaving them that way?
  3. Events– Tehehe
  4. New Services
  5. & More!

Did you REALLY think we would give you more than that? You know me well enough at this point to know that I LOVE to announce new things, so you just have to wait and see.

Again, thank you for all the love and support and I can’t wait to see where we take this business!


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