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I want you to brush your skin! Really! I promise it’s for good reason.

Dry brushing, as odd as it may seem, actually has some cool benefits.  There are even skin brushes in stores you visit around the Valley – you’ve probably walked by them 100 times! (or maybe 1,000 if you’re addicted to a certain store with a lot of red accents like I am…)

Check out some of the benefits and a little how-to!


This is probably the most commonly thought of reason.  We ALL have dry, dead skin on our bodies just waiting to slough off.  You may use a loofah or an exfoliant in the shower thinking that’s the best route – and it absolutely helps!  But you probably don’t exfoliate in the shower daily and dry brushing has so many other perks, and it can be done daily, that if you get into the habit of it, you might just end up with the softest skin of your life!

Your poor pores won’t feel so poor anymore: (try saying that 5 times fast!)

A natural result of keeping so much dull dead skin off your body is cleaning up and out some of the dirt, gunk, and oil from your pores.  Happier pores, happier skin!  There are smaller, specialized brushes that can even be used on your face (more gently and less frequently).

Lymphatic System Stimulation:

All of the aesthetic reasons aside, dry brushing can be an amazing way to support your lymphatic system.

Brief rundown on the lymphatic system (which you should actually research more if you’d like – it’s quite interesting!):

  • super important.
  • part of the circulatory & immune systems
  • transports lymph fluid through the body to the heart
  • helps rid your body of unwanted substances; toxins, waste

Many of the vessels transporting lymph are close to the surface of your skin.  If you are able to stimulate those vessels, you can help keep the system running like a well oiled machine! Or well lymphed machine… Either way, a healthy lymphatic system, I repeat, is super important!

Our Favorite Friend, Cellulite:

Ok, maybe not our favorite, but having cellulite is a reality for almost all women! Seriously! It’s not just you! Those models you see in magazines? Probably have cellulite.  That person you know, who’s at the gym all the time and is in great shape? Probably has cellulite.  While the appearance of cellulite can absolutely vary depending on individual bodies, it’s very existence is quite familiar to all sizes and shapes of women.

The connection between cellulite and dry brushing is anecdotal, but there are enough women out there saying that it has smoothed their skin and helped the appearance of their cellulite, that it just might work!

Alright, alright, I’ll start dry brushing…what do I get?

You want to find a brush with natural, not synthetic, bristles.  One that is fairly stiff will do for your body, but be sure to opt for a smaller, softer one if you plan on brushing your face also.  Some brushes come with long handles, which makes it so you don’t have to holler “Come get my back!!!” at your significant other every morning. But if you’re a strong, independent woman who can reach her own dang back, then you go girl! Buy that handle-less brush!

I have purchased this brush of which you speak.  What now?

First of all, congratulations on your very wise purchase. You won’t regret it.  Now, many people find dry brushing to be energizing – you’re waking up your circulation after all, so ideally, you will brush in the morning before you shower.  If you shower at night though, go ahead and do it then!

Since you are activating your miraculous circulation system, you should work your way in toward your heart.  Start at your feet, up your legs and torso and then at your hands, in to your shoulders and neck, then down your chest. You can use long strokes on your appendages and circular strokes over your torso.  You should brush firmly enough that your skin is slightly pink afterward, but it should NOT HURT! If it ever hurts, you’re brushing too hard.

You should wash your brush every few uses to clean out the dead skin cells, and replace it once the bristles start to wear out.

Alright people, get to brushing!