Here comes another “you asked for it, you got it!” addition to Revive!  We have added tanning to our list of services and Kelsie has set up the CUTEST tanning room I’ve ever seen! It is beautiful and peaceful and we all just want to hang out in there.

As an esthetician, Kelsie is generally anti-tanning, but is also realistic and realizes that people are going to do it no matter what she recommends!  You can’t really hide it when you lie down to get your lashes done smelling like you just tanned 😛 You know what I’m talking about! She’s onto you!  So we may as well be a one stop shop and try to educate our clients on the “best practices” of tanning.

We have a variety of lotion bottles and samples here, as well as eye protection, which is HUGELY IMPORTANT!!! You know how you’re not supposed to stand outside and stare at the sun because it’ll damage your eyes?  Think about what happens when the “sun” is inches from your face and you’re relying on your super thin eyelids to protect you…sound like a good plan? It’s definitely not, so wear your goggles!!  We have disposable eyewear also if that’s more your style.

Here are our current prices – they’re 15% off through today, December 6th as part of our 12 Days of Christmas special.

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