Massage Therapy

Our therapists are trained and certified in the art and skill of massage for both relaxation and therapeutic purposes.
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What is Massage Therapy?

Our therapists are licensed and trained in massage therapy and neuromuscular therapy. Benefits of massage include reduced stress and tension, relief of chronic and acute pain, increased joint flexibility, increased range of motion and reduction of cramping and swelling. In many cases, we can help with discomfort and pain that clients thought was hopeless. This therapy is provided in a comfortable and private room with modest draping and a relaxing and safe environment. All massages are tailored to meet your individual needs. We accept Care Credit.

Deep Tissue Massage
This is our most requested massage service! Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that’s mainly used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries. It involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. This helps to break up the scar tissue that forms following an injury and reduces tension in muscle and tissue. It may also promote faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. This type of massage is completely customizable based on the patient so don’t be afraid of the pressure. We also have add on options available to increase the benefits of this massage.

30 min | 60-85
60 min | 100-125
90 min | 140-165

Relaxation Massage
A relaxation massage, commonly known as Swedish Massage, is a great massage to start with. A Swedish massage is a full body massage designed to promote general relaxation. During Swedish massage, our massage therapists will incorporate massage lotions and/or oils to facilitate smooth gliding strokes that will soothe your muscles and nerves, easing tension and stress and promoting complete relaxation. With your relaxation massage you can also expect kneading, cross-friction, stretching and tapping techniques. This form of massage is wonderful for increasing oxygen and reducing body toxins while improving circulation and flexibility. We also offer add on options to increase the overall experience!

30 min | 60-85
60 min | 100-125
90 min | 140-165

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage is an important part of a care program for expectant mothers. It can be extremely effective in easing low back and pelvic pain, reducing sciatica symptoms, and relieving stress on the joints and feet. Each massage is customized to the mother’s individual needs and is provided in a comforting and supportive atmosphere.

30 min | 60-85
60 min | 100-125
90 min | 140-165

Sports Massage
Sports massage is a focused massage for pain and discomfort related to workouts, active lifestyles and repetitive movement injuries. This style of massage is intended to prevent and treat injuries, enhance sports performance, relieve swelling and inflammation, reduce muscle tension and promote flexibility and range of motion.

30 min | 60-85
60 min | 100-125
90 min | 140-165

Massage Enhancement Services
15 Minute Additional Service Area 25
Self Heating Mud on Back or Feet 35
Self Heating Mud on Back and Feet 60
Gua Sha 25
Hot Stone 25
Aroma Touch 25
Foot Scrub 25
Cupping 25
Scalp Massage 25

Massage Therapy Treatments

Exfoliating Massage
Bask in therapeutic relaxation with the best of both worlds. After muscle relaxing Self Heating Mud packs are applied to the spine and feet, a massage is performed using a creamy exfoliant infused with an endorphin releasing aromatherapy serum, which has similar mood enhancing actions as those provided by the sun to simultaneously revitalize the skin and senses.

60 min | 145-170
90 min | 190-215

Therapeutic Action Massage
This customized treatment enhances the appearance and health of specific conditions of your skin and body. A full body massage is done with seawater serums loaded with potent active ingredients. Serum choices include Relaxing, Invigorating, Deep Cleansing, Contouring, and Firming Oligoforce Serums, which are key for improving stress levels, circulation, elimination of excess weight or toxins, cellulite or the signs of aging.

60 min | 110-135
90 min | 150-175

Treasures of the Sea Massage
Like a dip in the ocean, this treatment is sure to immerse the senses, and bring the body back into balance. This unique treatment includes a specialized lymphatic massage performed with Relaxing Elixir to melt tight muscles or Draining Elixir to increase circulation, customized per area for your needs. The incorporation of a warmed Seawater Massage Balm rebalances from head to toe while leaving the skin feeling revived and hydrated. The 90 minute version of this treatment includes a Remineralizing Body Wrap for intense balance and well-being.

60 min | 130-155
90 min | 230-255

Oligomer Spa Replenishing Body Scrub & Massage
This all encompassing ocean experience holistically addresses each aspect of well-being. Specific massage techniques, developed by an osteopath, work on tight muscle chains to erase muscle tension. Specific pressure points are also manipulated to rebalance the body’s energy flow for a calmly energizing effect. The massage is performed with a combination of mineral-rich seawater and seaside plant oils to fully rebalance the cells of the body while hydrating and regenerating the skin. In the 90 minute version of this service, the body is first scrubbed with freeze dried seawater crystals and algae-derived alpha hydroxy acid in preparation for a tranquilizing massage.

60 min | 110-135
90 min | 165-190

Morpho Designer Perfect Contour Massage
After a shower-less, rinse-less scrub polishes the skin to a satin finish, a contouring massage balm is used with specific techniques to reshape the figure, boost fat burning, and firm the skin. This scrub and massage combo allows you to relax, slim, and gain a glowing complexion at the same time! For dramatic slimming, reshaping results, enjoy this massage in a series.

60 min | 120-145

Medical Massage

Medical Massage
Medical Massage is a form of treatment prescribed by a physician that can be submitted as a claim to your insurance. This service is performed with the intention of treating or improving a specific medical condition or injury. We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna. We do not provide billing services, but upon your request, we can provide you with paperwork so you can submit a claim with your insurance.

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