Does anyone else do their best thinking at midnight? I honestly feel like my best thoughts and ideas always come when my exhausted brain is finally about to rest. Of course, the ideas aren’t merely ideas that can wait for later, they are urgent and need dealt with now, I mean RIGHT now. So here we are…at midnight..on a work night..ranting about a thought. Don’t worry though, I will keep this short and sweet.

I recently have a had a few projects I have wanted to pursue, and just haven’t yet because the timing hasn’t been right or yada yada yada yada. While laying in bed this thought came to my mind…“Just Jump.” I typically feel like this isn’t something that has ever been hard for me, because I love change and stress and new projects so quite frankly I don’t know what my problem today is. HOWEVER, this got me thinking about conversations I have with people on a daily basis from friends, family, etc…and it’s a thought that makes me sad, so I hope I can help someone by this blog post.

Just Jump! Sometimes jumping into something unknown is exceptionally terrifying and has a risk. To be honest, I think that is why so many people don’t take risks, and don’t pursue what they love…at the end of the day it’s scary! But isn’t it more scary to look back and wish you would have? Every time I have “Jumped” in life, I have NEVER regretted it. In fact, I have grown to crave the  feeling of the jump. Then there is the failure card, which opens up an entirely new can of worms.

What is failure truly, because honestly I hate that word. Example….say you jump, you take a risk and it doesn’t work out. So many people see that as a failure and beat themselves up over it.  THAT IS NOT FAILURE! That simply means that you have to take a different route to get there. For example, say you are driving to friends house. You have never been there before and you take a wrong turn….would sit in your car and feel like a failure, and just go back home? No!! (If you would, come talk to me) So why is that the mindset that we have with taking risks.

My goal for 2018 is to take more risks, put myself out there and pursue the things I want to purse 110%. My passion to grow, and passion to succeed is FAR greater than my fear of making the jump. I hope that somehow this encourages someone else to do the same.


September 21, 2018

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