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*As I’m wandering around the shop trying to find the ideal place to take pictures…

Kelsie:  “Are you taking selfies?!”

Erin: “Uhh..yes.  But they’re work related I swear!”

Please enjoy these fabulous photos I took of myself 😛

Alright, it doesn’t have to be a pen, any stick-like object will do! For those of you new to contouring or shaping your eyebrows, check out these super easy strategies to make sure you don’t end up looking like this:


How to contour can/should be an entire post by itself, but here is one super helpful pointer to start out with.

Using your stick, find the angle of your cheekbone.  You want your tool to be pressed up right under the bottom of the bone; you’ll be able to feel where there is a dip.  Mine happens to line up with the corner of my mouth, but this is not true for everyone!  That line/angle is where you want to apply your contour shade.


Our Amazing Alexis would be happy to shape your eyebrows into perfection and then you can use these tips to keep them in line or as a guide when filling them in.

The inside edge of your brow should line up with the side of your nose.  Too far in, you’ll be approaching unibrow territory.  Too far apart you’ll just be looking wonky.

The arch.  Ahhh the arch. Once upon a time, it was super cool to tweeze your brows within an inch (or a millimeter) of their lives, or to shape them to resemble tadpoles.  Please no.  As a society, surely we’ve evolved to better appreciate the gloriousness of a great set of eyebrows.  Even women who are rocking beautifully thick brows aren’t letting them sit on their foreheads like caterpillars!

To find your perfect arch placement, you want to line your pen up with the bottom edge of your nose and the bottom/outside of your iris.  With regular wax maintenance, your arch should never be hidden from you again, but if you’re a die hard DIYer, this tip should help.

Last but not least, keeping it pressed to the edge of your nose, shift your pen slightly to the bottom/outside corner of your eye itself and you’ll find the ideal spot your brows should end. Your brows should start to taper from the arch down.

Voila! If this sounds like a daunting task, don’t you worry your pretty little head.  We have people for that 😉

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