Me: Hey you! Yes you! Do you have lash extensions??

I’m imagining you saying “Oh why yes Erin, I do! And I absolutely love them because Kelsie and Chelsea are glorious demigods sent down from the lash heavens!”

Me: Do you wash them regularly with an oil free, lash safe cleanser?

You: “Uh yeah…I know she told me to do that.  I definitely do.  All the time.”

Me: If you’re lying to me you better knock it off right now! You must wash your lashes!! I can 100% GUARANTEE that your lash artist has instructed you to do so, and it’s just that – an instruction, not a suggestion!

Where do eyelashes come from? – Hair follicles.

Where are those hair follicles? – Eyelids.

What are eyelids made of? – Skin.

What does skin do naturally? – Shed.

How does the shed skin get cleaned up? – By washing it away.

It’s really that simple! If you didn’t have lash extensions, would you never wash your eyes? No! That sounds silly doesn’t it! If your hairdresser spends 2 hours on your hair are you going to not wash it until the next time you see them?? No! Way silly!  You have to eliminate the dead skin from your lash line just as you have to do it on your head and your entire body!

Hair follicles can get clogged, which will affect your natural lash growth.  Less happy natural lashes = less to attach fluffy extensions to.


Get it yet? Ok good.

We have a lash specific cleanser available here, Minkys Lashampoo Foam Cleanser.  This is what the girls use to clean your lashes when you come in for a fill. All the ingredients are safe for your extensions. If you’re using another product, just make sure you’ve checked with your artist to make sure the ingredients won’t affect the glue and you’ll be good to go!


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What are you doing on a daily basis to create happiness in your life?  Yes, I said create it.  Your thoughts and actions can have such an incredible impact on your outlook on life.

Does life throw some nasty curve balls from time to time? Absolutely.  Do you have to react dramatically and let it “ruin everything”? Definitely not.

A couple of my favorite quotes:

If you can’t change the circumstances, change your perspective.” – unknown

“If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.  Don’t complain.” – Maya Angelou

You might say I’m a “dramatic” person, but I try to keep my diva-ness contained to ridiculous little things, such as dramatically declaring I’m going to starve to death if I find out my husband ate my leftovers.  (But seriously, don’t touch my food)

In a serious situation, however, I am able to keep a level head and calmly assess what’s happening.  Will freaking out solve the problem?  Will throwing a boo-hoo pity party make anything better? I understand that there are devastating things that can absolutely knock the wind out of a person, but you get to decide how long it is going to bring you down.

Putting some of these tips into practice can really affect your happiness and how quickly you are able to rebound from disheartening situations.

Start with the basics:

You’d be amazed at how much a regular food, water, sleep, exercise schedule will help.

Hanger is a real thing…it can be so hard to eat a balanced diet with a busy lifestyle, but it’s possible, and it can do wonders.

Sleep..can be elusive for many, busy life, too much work, crying baby…some of those things are within your control to change – put down the laptop, read that blog I wrote about sleep-aiding foods, and get some rest! If you’ve got a child that’s affecting your sleep schedule, well…I’m sorry about that 😛 but it won’t last forever!

Move it! If you think “I don’t like to exercise, it’s hard and boring” you are sadly mistaken.  There’s no one size fits all definition of a good workout.  There are so many summer activities that can get your heart pumping, take advantage of them!  If that baby of yours isn’t letting you sleep you may as well do some lunges or squats while you’re holding him/her! Endorphins are a magical thing.  As Elle Woods would say “Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy! Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”  Something we should all strive for 😛

Be thankful:

No matter what is going on in your life, no matter how many of those nasty curveballs have been sent your way lately, there is always something to be thankful for.  Reminding yourself of the things you can be grateful for can definitely have a positive effect on your mood.  Spend a couple minutes each day and just make a list in your head of the things, people, places you have to be thankful for.  I try to think of a few things first thing in the morning, but other than that I just catch myself thinking of things throughout the day.

Have a hobby:

Everyone has a talent.  It may currently be hidden! But I’m sure it’s there somewhere.  It doesn’t have to be anything magnificent – we’re not all going to paint a masterpiece or record the next hit single and that’s ok.  I am an excellent reader.  I enjoy it, it’s fun for me, and a good use of my time. I’d say that’s my main hobby – nothing fancy, just something to keep me occupied.  Instead of sitting in front of the TV for hours on end, figure out something you can do that you would enjoy for even just 1/2 an hour a day!

Be kind:

Positive breeds positive.  If you take some time to say something kind or do something helpful for another person, you are going to benefit!  It just makes you feel good to be helpful to others.  Write your coworker a note thanking them for their help with a problem you had.  Ask the little old lady down the street if you can water her flowers for her.  Tell the stranger in the grocery store that you love their outfit.  All of these are small things that will take you hardly any time, but will leave both you and the recipient feeling happier.

Have a conversation:

It’s important to take time to connect with others.  Yes, many of us talk to people all day long, but there’s a difference between a 30 second customer service conversation and a 10 minute one with a friend.  You’re not an island.  It’s good to have people to go to with the happy, the sad, and the infuriating (because being a happy person doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be things that make you crazy from time to time).


That’s it.  Do it sometimes for no good reason and trick yourself into thinking you have something to smile about.  Because whether you think so or not, you do (see the “Be Thankful” paragraph!)

What do you do in your day to day life that makes you happy?


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Please tell me someone gets my movie reference…

Moving on. Massage therapy is not all about rainbows and butterflies, no siree! You might be amazed to find out what it could do for pain. Millions (probably billions honestly) of people are living with chronic pain. This isn’t “Oooh I stubbed my toe and now it’s really hurty!” kind of pain, it’s “I swam into the side of a swimming pool hard enough to give me whiplash 7 years ago and I’ve hurt every day since then.” kind of pain. Not that I would know anything about that…what kind of idiot swims into the side of a swimming pool?? Must’ve been a real amateur… 😛

Chronic pain doesn’t necessarily come from accidents or injuries! Arthritis, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, carpel tunnel, cancer…any number of conditions can leave you feeling like you’re tied up like an achy, pretzely knot. Tension headaches – killer. Massage can help with them too!  There is research upon research that has dug into the effects of massage therapy on everything I’ve mentioned plus more.  You’d be hard pressed to find a pain causing ailment that massage can’t help.

Sure, there are prescription medications up the wazoo that very well may be medically necessary, or at least helpful, but isn’t it also nice to know that you have an option where perhaps the most concerning side-effects are obnoxiously snoring in the middle or feeling like a pool of melted butter at the end?

We are fortunate to have a massage therapist, Jennifer, who recognizes that massage is not a one-size fits all service.  She will happily tailor your massage to your needs and comfort level.  Also, the benefits of massage are cumulative – a healing miracle may not happen on your first appointment, but with continued therapy, you are likely to feel an incredible decrease in your daily discomfort. It’s at least worth a shot, isn’t it??


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Ok…maybe not quite.  But we’re about as close as we’re going to get for now!

The wonderful ladies of Vanity will be offering some of their services to you, our Revive clients!  They are located in Anchorage, but will be joining us one day a month at our location in Palmer to make your lives easier!  No need to travel to Anchorage, you can come see their beautiful faces here 🙂

Due to equipment needs/space restrictions, Vanity will not be able to offer every single one of their services out here, but feast your eyes on this awesome list of what they will be able to do! (and you can always pay them a visit at their main office for anything they aren’t able to offer at Revive!)

Botox: an injectable product that temporarily paralyzes muscles to prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles

Juvederm: a dermal filler that plumps and fills deep lines, wrinkles, and lips

Kybella: a product that melts chin fat to get rid of a “double chin”

Volbella: dermal filler used for extra fine lines

Vollure: dermal filler for lips, lines, and deeper wrinkles – dependent on consultation

Voluma:  dermal filler, usually for cheeks

Microneedling: a Cosmopen’s 12 tiny needles break up the skin to regenerate tissue.  Perfect for scars, acne, and sun damaged skin.  May be covered by insurance

Your first appointment with Vanity will include a complete consultation to create a plan for treatment.  Everything will be discussed and explained before they bust out the needles! And don’t be nervous! These ladies do such a great job of making their patients feel included, informed, and comfortable – you don’t have anything to worry about.  You’re in excellent hands and I am speaking from personal experience.

We are so excited to have a means to offer these services to you!  We’re always working behind the scenes to come up with ideas to better serve you <3

More information about the Vanity team and the services they offer can be found at

Because of their limited availability out here, these days are going to fill up quickly!  We’re currently scheduling for July 17th and August 14th.

Give us a call at 745-7546 to schedule your appointment!


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So maybe body waxing isn’t exactly on the same comfort level as cuddling with a pile of puppies…but it really doesn’t have to be miserable! There are a few things that can make your experience more bearable – and these things can work for men and women!

Don’t be shy!

Really, truly, honestly, you do not need to feel shy or self-conscious when getting waxed.  Alexis, our Waxing Specialist Extraordinaire, is so funny and sweet, she will do everything in her power to put you at ease.  Male or female – if it’s a body part, she’s waxed it.  She is a complete professional and you’ll be so comfortable it’ll be over before you know it!

Bring on the OTC pain relievers!

Taking a dose of ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve (not aspirin) etc. 30 minutes prior to your appointment can minimize the discomfort you may feel.  It also helps to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and exercise the day of because these things all increase circulation which may contribute to the ouch factor.  I know I said all these tips apply to men and women, so guys, earmuffs.  Ladies it is a wise plan to avoid waxing 2-3 days before and after your period.  Very wise.

Alright, earmuffs off, moving on!

The advantage of youth…

You can get waxed at any age! Go for it! If you’re closer to high school graduation than retirement on the timeline of life however, you are at a bit of an advantage if you begin now.  With continued waxing, over time your hair will grow back finer and more sparsely.  Fewer, thinner hairs = faster, less painful waxes.

Bust out your loofah (guys, I know you have one, and you love it)

Exfoliating prior to your appointment will ensure that your skin and hair is prepped by getting rid of dead skin cells surrounding your hair follicles and ensuring all the hairs are exposed.  If your hairs aren’t in hiding, they can be pulled from the root on the first try – a definite plus.

Bonus points for exfoliating 48+ hours after your wax.  Doing this 2-3 times a week will keep that dead skin from building up which is huge in the prevention of ingrown hairs.  Ingrown hairs are not your friend.

We also offer PFB Vanish Post Waxing Serum – it’s a moisturizing roll-on that will calm irritations and soothe skin.  It can be used on any part of the body.

No! Not the sun!!

Let’s be real – you’ve put whatever area of your body you just had waxed through a little bit of trauma.  You’re going to need to be sensitive to its feelings for a little while.  The 24 hours after your appointment are not the time for relaxing at a nude beach. Sensitive skin is not a big fan of UV rays.  Or acids.  Avoid using skincare products that contain acids unless you wanna feel the burn, as well as products containing alcohol which can dry out that sensitive skin more than it normally would.

Put down the razor

Don’t shave in between your wax appointments you Silly Sally!  Hair grows in cycles, so it will take a few waxes to get all your hairs on the same page.  Resist the urge to shave any strays! Shaving gives hair a blunt end, which is the cause of that stubbly, poky feeling.  Think of the hairs on your arms – the ends of them are soft and smooth, which is what you’ll achieve if you stick with waxing – the hair will be able to grow out in it’s original, natural form instead of resembling a cactus.  When your hair is about the length of a grain of rice, you’re ready to wax again! Wax cycles will vary person to person, but plan on every 4-6 weeks.

Now come get rid of some hair!


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